What to visit during IQMF 2018?

Founder Chris Belloni picks his 10 personal favourites
13 nov 2018

What programmes are a must see at IQMF 2018? Festival director Chris Belloni tips his personal favourites including three Brazilian films, a film from USA on the underground dance scene of ‘bucking’ that no-one has heard of in the Netherlands, and a storytelling performance by a male belly dancer.

Three times Brazil.

“I attended the world premiere at Berlinale 2018 and I was completely drawn into the dark side of current Brazil and its contrast with the colourful cinematography. Especially in the light of current political events in Brazil and its imminent trans- and homophobia it is extremely important to program and watch these films to protect the voice of marginalized groups in Brazil.” 

Marvilhosa + Obscuro Barroco
“This is a very cool double screening because Marvilhosa features a Brazilian transgender queer activist Mavi who lives in and loves Amsterdam and creates this dreamy ode to the city while Obscuro Barroco is a portrait of the famous Brazilian transgender queer activist Luana Muniz who brings a poetic, visually stunning tribute to Rio de Janeiro. I was mind blown when I first saw this film.”

Bixa Travesty
“This films is about my latest favourite artist: Lin da Cabrada. I saw her perform live in OT301 two months ago and is a captivating, unapologetic performer bringing queerness, fierceness and politics together on stage in the best way thinkable.”

“This movie opened a door to a world I was completely unaware of. I knew nothing of Swedish hip hop and pop music and what feminism means there. It is amazing how much impact one person can have on a group. With right wing politics gaining more ground in Sweden this movie is very relevant. Plus, it has an amazing soundtrack.”

Look Baba! I’m Happy + Whisper of the Jaguar
“Nish Gera is an IQMF academy alumni who we have kept in touch with and we are very proud of his latest project. The movie has a very compelling main character and you can really feel his personal pain. You can watch the world premiere in combination with queer punk film The Whisper of the Jaguar, a film which actually put me and fellow IQMF team members on the path of Kambo. Watch it if you don’t know what it is yet.”

Room for a Man
“Room for a Man is about a Lebanese man from Beirut who takes a trip to Argentina with his father.” Beirut is my most favourite town in the world and I just came back from a trip to gorgeous Buenos Aires so those are my two reasons I love this film.”

Debate: The Sexual Objectification of Refugees and Migrant People of Colour
“I feel this topic is very important because queer migrant friends in my personal network have told me they experience this as a problem in the Netherlands. It’s a topic that hasn’t been discussed openly yet so I feel we are breaking ground here during the festival.”

Queer Maroc: Theatre + Debate
The performance The Man who Danced Alone is very poetic and honest, it feels intimate and surprising to see a gay Moroccan man be so open about his life on stage. This is exactly what we will be discussing after the performance, the differences and similarities in life for Moroccan LGBTIQ’s in Morocco and in the Netherlands.

Grenzeloos zijn + Mother’s Balls
“Robin Ramos is an up and coming talent that IQMF will most definitely keep track of in the coming years. His short film Grenzeloos zijn is an imaginative spoken word investigation on being queer. We are screening it before Mother’s Balls, a great movie following Amber Vinyard who has put ballroom on the map in The Netherlands.”

When the Beat Drops.
“I judged this movie when I was part of the jury at Oslo / Fusion Film Festival and fell completely in love with it! I had never heard of bucking and neither have any of our dance connections in the Netherlands. So, this film is cutting edge, focusing on a new trend and obviously filled with great song and dance. Perfect for a Saturday night.”

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