What to do during Human Rights Weekend: five tips

February 2 until the 4th
24 jan 2018

What’s your opinion on important debates regarding Human Rights? And how do you get involved? From February 2 until the 4th Human Rights Watch asks you to reflect on your role concerning the protection of human rights during the HRweekend. We will talk about civil rights all over the world through humanrightsfilms, photo expositions and debates. The topics we will discuss range from; wrongs in the smartphone business, constrains on freedom of speech, limits to sheltering immigrants to the absence of marriage equality.

We have a packed program during these three days! That’s why we asked Andrea Holley, Strategic Director at Human Rights Watch Film Festival to give us five film recommendations for the HRweekend 2018, that you shouldn't miss out on.

Complicit was filmed over 3 years in China’s electronics zones Shenzhen and Guangzhou with stunning cinematography and unique access. The film takes the audience on an 8000-mile journey to the electronics factory floors, revealing how millions in China live while in search of a ‘better life’. As someone who knew very little about the risks to workers in these factories, many of which manufacture products such as mobile phones, Complicit shed light on the stark abuses that can happen as well as the potential solutions for workers and consumers.

Lost in Lebanon
Spending over a year in Lebanon - in Beirut and on the borders of Syria – Lost in Lebanon tells the story behind the news reports and reflects the strange chaotic lives of the people living in the shadow of the Syrian war. The film gives an intimate look at how four Syrians, whose collective struggles constitute the new frontline of the refugee crisis, are trying to find ways to overcome the torment of their shattered lives. This is not the story of the war in Syria; it is the next chapter. What will happen to the 13 million Syrians who have been displaced? What are their hopes, their fears?

Muhi – Generally Temporary
Trapped in an Israeli hospital with his grandfather, young Muhi provides a unique window into the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Due to a life-threatening immune disorder, Muhi is being cared for by the very same people whose government forbids his family to visit, and for him or his grandfather to travel back to Gaza. Muhi – Generally Temporary is a powerful look at a young child trapped between two sides of a battle that ultimately has almost nothing to do with him.

Liberian activist, Silas Siakor is a tireless crusader, fighting to crush corruption and environmental destruction in the country he loves. While many documentaries take a global perspective on environmental threats, Silas gains power from its specific focus on one country. The combination of human rights investigative techniques, evolving human rights technology and the increasing global consciousness around the destruction of natural resources makes for a compelling narrative - followed by a discussion with Silas Siakor himself.

The Workers Cup
Inside the labor camps of Qatar, African and Asian migrant workers building the facilities of the 2022 World Cup compete in a football tournament of their own: The Workers Cup. With unprecedented access, The Workers Cup gives voice to these workers as they tell their own stories – all of them framed by a complex relationship with sport and its power to both unite and divide society by turns.

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