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Dirk en Reef

Februari 2015

We; Dirk(Verweij) en (Nadine) Reef are a creative duo based in Amsterdam, both in possesion of an art degree (Reef - ArtEZ, Verweij - Rietveld). When we get together, we always bring out our camera's and laptops to experiment with light, patterns and layers. Creating fascinating and authentic images, requierering the audience to always look twice.

Faces ~

Faces is an outcome of an experiment with facial appearances of men and women. After a very interesting experimental fase with different visual approaches, this serie you see here was the most powerful one.
Multiplying the two genders in two separate pictures together in a clean and authentic way, someone new appears. Representing an almost future-like person, this person looks straight into your eyes, inviting you to embrace, challenge or deny this part in us.

The four images exhibited here at the Balie are part of a series of 9 portraits.

Our work is for sale.
As it is presented here, we ask 325,- euro incl. Other prices depend on the preferred image(s) and personal preferences (such as format/material/frame etc.) For further details, please send an e-mail, to dirkenreef@hotmail.com or call at 0643200235.