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Yohann Guedj - Up & Town

november 2014

In the dark, I woke up one day realizing that I was surrounded by reality, and then there was my reality, on theside, looking at me, like everyone else. My reality is not digital, she is analogic, she has to take her time and think, like not so many people. Far away from quick shooting, speed, she tries to compose and must wait to be revealed. To not forget my thoughts, my emotions, my meetings, my travels. I photograph to remember the other that I meetfor a short time or longer, and to help me to watch my reality straight in her face.

The pictures I present in 'de Balie' represent a selection of the photo series named “Up & Town”. "Up and town" is an invitation to think about our lives in cities, without any sense or judgement. Just to watch our daily life, ourhabits, our town spirit, in different ways…These pictures were taken in Kurdistan, Ukraine, Crimea and Russia.

Yohann Guedj
Photographer & Filmmaker