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Jeroen Hoenselaar

augustus 2014

The time traveler

This series contains videos, drawings and sculptures.

The Main character in this series finds himself in a strange place. It looks like the universe played a trick on him; he is stuck in between times.
A lot of questions start floating to the surface, but the answers only seem to fade away. Even the mysterious woman that offers some kind of help doesn't give more clarity. Is this really happening? And can he escape this silent entrapment?

'My inspiration comes from science and philosophy. There is an urge in me to fathom our existence. Art is a great field to conduct this metaphysical research. There is no need for me to find answers to the questions I pose, I leave that to the viewers of my work. '

VIDEO LINK: https://vimeo.com/103630510

Jeroen Hoenselaar