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Gijs Wensma

1 oktober - 31 oktober

About Gijs Wensma:
Nature, geography, people and music are the main interests of Gijs Wensma. Therefore it is not surprising that his work consists of portraits and landscapes. He incorporates his love for music by photographing people from the electronic music scene, but wants to do more than just that. He is primarily a self-taught photographer, and works very precisely in both shooting and post processing. 

Often minimalistic elaborated images, where tranquility is a significant factor and can give sometimes an otherworldly impression. Especially with his more abstract landscapes. Attention to detail and progression are important to him.

He likes images that evokes more questions by an deeper expression. A good composition is essential, regarding himself as a true composition junk, classic ones he loves, but fears not to go a little odd. If it is out of balance he becomes restless and loses his attention immediately

Gijs Wensma is selected for the New Dutch photography talent 2018 by GUP.

About the work: A selection of Endless appeal 

Endlessly looking at the mountains with its often overwhelming impression, imagining that you are on the spot to which you look gives a special feeling of unreality. The great diversity of shapes, structures and organic material. It's a voyage of discovery through cracks and crevices, ice fields, big rock walls and forests.

​Nothing is perfect and stable in this landscape, although at first glance it seems so. Consider what it took to look like it does today. Transience and change are in order, but we often overlook this fact. Mostly because that period is relatively long. Chipped rock and ice, smooth polished stones and dying or broken trees are a testimony.

​I like the idea that this ultimate destruction of clashing tectonic plates has brought us many difficulties, but ultimately much abundance, personal challenges and pleasure.