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Beldan Sezan

april 2012

"Mijn Amsterdam"

The series "My Amsterdam" is a reflection upon how I see and experience the city in contrast to the picture recently painted in the media outlets.

 Every week there will be new drawings showing the diversity, openness and livelihood of this city which is way less fearful and arrogant than what is tried to make believe.

 Beldan Sezen (1967, Germany)
 Once finished listening to the sound of coffee, Judy Garland or Gil Scott-Heron(flavor of the year), she uses drawing, collage and text to create both in-dependent drawings and comic scenarios.

 Curiosity, humor and generally sticking my tongue out at all those contemporary concepts of culture, ethnicity, beauty and gender are the impetus for my work.

Her work has been part of solo- and group exhibitions in Amsterdam, London, Berlin, Wiesbaden, Beirut and Aleppo.