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David Shillinghaw

mei 2012

London based artist David Shillinglaw was born of British parents in 1982 in the Middle East, which may explain his thirst for travel and exhibiting in galleries worldwide. Since graduating from Central Saint Martins in 2002 he has exhibited in galleries in Japan, China, Holland, and keys cities such as NY, London, Berlin and Istanbul.
 Shillinglaw’s work moves between street and studio, from small hand made books, to paintings on canvas, and large scale wall murals. David has enjoyed applying his fine art practice to a number of other contexts, which range from theatre set designs, to album cover design.
 Shillinglaw describes, “Life is a struggle. For everyone. From the smallest insect to the greatest beast, we are determined by the success we seek, and how, in turn we measure that success. Each of us experiencing ups and downs. Peaks and troughs. Like a game of snakes and ladders.”

     "I enjoy the way people use language to define a feeling or physical condition. We support what we think, feel, say, and mean, with often ridiculous idioms and metaphors; placing frogs in throats and fires in belly’s, in order to paint a picture of something invisible and abstract.
    I feed on these very human expressions. I find day-to-day, conversational poetry casts a warm light on an otherwise very calculated, systematic, clinical and scientific world.
     My work is about people. Human nature. Both the civilized and monstrous, the stupid and articulate."