Watch our schools - Photography by Human Rights Watch

29 december t/m 1 februari

Watch our schools - Photography by Human Rights Watch

In the majority of countries with armed conflicts around the world, students, teachers, and schools come under attack. Children are killed for wanting to learn, and teachers for wanting to teach. The attacks not only put children at risk of injury or death, but also thwart students’ chance to get an education. Attacks on schools, teachers, and students can cause children to drop out or go to school less often, force schools to cut their hours, and destroy school buildings and materials. In environments of violence and fear, the quality of children’s education is severely diminished.

In many wars, schools are also occupied and used for military purposes—converted into military bases, barracks, weapons caches, and places of detention and interrogation.

Human Rights Watch has investigated attacks on schools and military use of schools in 20 countries across four continents in the past decade. These photos come from some of these investigations.

Human Rights Watch calls on all states to endorse the Safe Schools Declaration, a new international commitment to protect schools and universities from being attacked or used for military purposes in times of armed conflict.

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