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Juultje Dehing

1 juli t/m 31 augustus

JOHN needs the occasional weekend away to clear his head

This experimental textile contains about 200L collected perforator-confetti. Each piece of confetti contains a memory. Every piece was created by an efficient oriented purpose. This turns into something playful by the scattering of the enormous amount.

Material: Perforator confetti, latex, acrylpaint, Cheescloth.

4.20m x 2.90m
Eindhoven, 2016

Over Juultje Dehing
Juultje Dehing is a multidisciplinary designer and artist who graduated in Fashion Design and Forecasting. Her focus lies on creating conceptual and experimental textiles and illustrations.

Her greatest inspiration is the ancient Greek philosophy of Chronos and Kairos, two perspectives of time. Chronos is the time of the clock, it is linear, exact, rational and represents the eternal repetition. Kairos is human timing; it’s about the experience, flow, perception and represents the interruption by way of serendipity.

Juultje believes western society is focused mainly on Chronos and needs to incorporate more Kairos. “One does not truly function without the other. People today seem obsessed with efficiency and achieving results. This has created the ‘always on’ society: an ever accelerating powerful machinelike system sucking up everyone in its hamster wheel. A greater appreciation for the ridiculous could help to break free from this imprisonment.”

Juultje Dehing looks for ways to put conventionality in perspective by way of irony. She strives to raise existential questions about sense and nonsense. In her work, Juultje Dehing attempts to capture and visualise the fleeting passing of time.