Sabrina van den Heuvel - L'amour est à réinventer

1 tot 29 september

Two exes, a Valentine, Dutch design and a seaside storm does a photo series make. On the 14th of February this year, The Hague-based, photographer Sabrina van den Heuvel headed out to the beach with exes Christina Curry and Lisa Bosveld to take some fashion focused photos. The shoot was in collaboration with stylist: Fleur Feringa and hair and make up artist: Joyce Clerkx.

Hours later of cold, rain, and perhaps the slightest bit of tension later (exes are exes, after all) the result is spectacular. Photo after photo filled with a raw, romantic energy worthy of Wuthering Heights. The photo’s are accompanied by a series of poems by
Wolf Woodfield, inspired by the emotion behind the series.
Van den Heuvel has an enormous passion for black and white photography, music and fashion. Her series are defined by raw and dynamic images containing strong contrasts, moving narratives and an obscure glamour. With already an extensive career behind her, filled with fashion shoots, Pete Doherty collabs and some R-rated pics, her biggest passions come
to life. It’s all about the subjects closest to her heart: androgyny, sexuality and individuality.
Look closely, and you’ll see how. 

Sabrina van den Heuvel | Photography
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