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Jonnah Bron

2 april t/m 4 mei

“Intuitive and experimental, raw and pure, prissy and intimate, rough and soft.
Everything seems normal, everything that does not seem to be normal and everything in between lays Jonnah Bron stuck there.
As she tries to share something with the viewer of what they currently have to produce.
Give something back of what you might have missed.”

Over de expo:

“Women as art –

Obsessed with women
Not only her shapes intrigue me
It’s her way of doing things
Her gentle movement, gentle touch
Her delicate hand, which can perform so many miracles
When she walks, I can watch her for hours
Like art, continuing to stare
Every step she makes I register and play it in slow motion again
The woman is pure in any form
Soft, round, tender and yet so powerful, raw and unknowingly strong
I have captured my obsession to give thought to the art of mother nature.”

55 x 37 cm prints on foam –
Contact for more details: jonnahbronphotos@gmail.com