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Florian Reischauer

8 oktober t/m 5 november 2015

Florian Reischauer was born in 1985 in Ried im Innkreis, Austria, and has studied photography in Vienna. Since 2007 he is living and working as a photographer and assistant of Stefanie Schneider in Berlin. He is the founder of the photography project Pieces of Berlin.

Grüß Gott - A Fairy Tale
Grüß Gott - A Fairy Tale is a narration based on childhood memories which takes place in a little village in the countryside. It deals with traditions, recurring cycles, the feeling of being protected by a familiar constant and a certain consciousness of being stuck in time. A never-ending story with an unwritten plot, which is though created by its protagonists.

40x40 cm: 500€ (mounted on alu dibond) - Edition of 7 60x60 cm: 750€ (mounted on alu dibond) - Edition of 5 80x80cm : 1200€ (framed) - Edition of 5

For more info visit: www.upeditions.com - www.florianreischauer.com