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Aurelie Hoegy

10 oktober t/m 4 november 2015

Aurelie Hoegy is a french artist designer who’s work challenges and pushes the limit between contemporary design and art in today's culture. After completed her master’s degree in Contextual Design at the Design Academy Eindhoven, with a project exploring the border between normality and abnormality in daily life, she continues working on the line with her new project Dancers for which she have recently received the Rado jury prize 2015, with honors from jury members including the renowned Lidewij Edelkoort.

Made from a dark blue latex lampshade attached to a single 700 meters cable, the MacGuffin lamp results from a research that considers the Border between Normality and Abnormality in Daily Life. Its conception originated from a series of drawings and short movies that were meant to explore and play with the concept of daily rituals. The MacGuffin Lamp is an object that intends to challenge the concept of normality; one could see it more as a tool to stimulate situations and behaviors. It is a catalyst to experiment with the spontaneous and perhaps with a touch of madness.

+ 33 (0) 689769738

For inquiries contact Aurelie for:
2 originals pieces +
edition of 36 unique pieces - D.O.N.E - Paris

For reduced version:
SYZYGY Lamp (10 m. cable)
each piece is unique!
various colors, shapes..

medium - 325 euro
large - 455 euro