• Oum Kalthoum - A Musical Theatre
Podium / 8 jul 2018 / 14:00

Oum Kalthoum - A Musical Theatre

Oum Kalthoum – A Musical Theatre’ is coming to Amsterdam! The Arab Hebrew Theatre Centre in Jaffa is a unique theatrical cooperation between Arabs and Jews in Israel, and they will present this award-winning production on July 7 & 8, 2018 in De Balie, in cooperation with KUNSTENISRAËL.

The play is the life story of the epic Egyptian diva, Oum Kalthoum. Although she passed away in 1975, she is still known as “the Star of the East,” capturing the hearts of Egyptians and of the entire Middle East. The biographical play shows the desperate love between this beloved singer and the poet Ahmad Rami, as well as Oum’s rivalry with Abed el Wahab. Their songs, central to the story, are sung during the performance.

The show features dialogue in Hebrew and music in Arabic, and the entire performance has surtitling in English. A Q&A with the actors and director follow the show, to discuss Jaffa Theatre’s work bridging cultural differences between Arabic and Hebrew culture in Israel.

Jaffa Theatre - The Arab - Hebrew Theatre Center is unique among Israeli theatres, both for its social and political mission and for its theatrical language. In the Arab-Hebrew Theatre, multi-cultural is not a mere phrase, but a fact of life and ideology. In a city where Arabs and Jews live side by side, the theatre promotes knowledge and understanding of the two cultures, not only through its productions, but also through its work with the multi-ethnic communities of Jaffa and across Israel, and in particular, by providing a theatrical structure for interaction for Arabs and Jews.

Playing times
Saturday July 7th, 20:00 – with Q&A afterwards
Sunday July 8th, 14:00 – with Q&A afterwards

Following the Q&A on Saturday evening, members of the cast and audience can enjoy the afterparty!

About Oum Kalthoum – A Musical Theatre
The Jaffa Theatre production of "Oum Kalthoum" premiered at the "Mediterranean Festival" in 2014 and has since been performed over 200 times. The musical theatre piece was an audience favorite and got and top reviews in the press. The piece is based on the French novel "Oum" by Mr. Selim Nassib. With text bij Eden Uliel and Igal Ezraty and directed by Igal Ezraty.
Cast: Ms. Galit Giat, Mr. Arik Mishali, Mr. George Iskandar, Ms. Khawla Hag-Debsy
Music Direction & Oud playing: Mr. Ala Abu Amara
Belly Dancer: Ms. Tamar Bar–Gil
Stage Design: Uri Onn
Costume Design: Shimoon Dahan
Light design: Nadav Barnea
Video: Nimrod Zin
Stage manager: Ravid Sevil
Artistic Adviser: Eli Grunfeld

Located near Tel Aviv in the heart of the old Jaffa, Jaffa Theatre presents original theatre and translations of Arab works, Palestinians and Israelis, including musical theatre productions such as "Farid El Wahid", a cabaret based on the life of the famous Egyptian musician,with poetry of Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish.

From the Press:

"…An exciting and fascinating play … beautiful Oud playing, wonderful singing that lets you feel the power of the Arabic classic songs…
The Jaffa theatre enriches Israeli culture with a different perspective…the director and the four excellent actors manage to create an exciting and fascinating show with an equally enticing score… Great singing…. especially by the lead, Galit Giat, who manages to make you feel the power of Arabic classical songs. This is the art of crystallized and molded emotion." (‘Yediot Aharonot’ 18/9/2014)

"…Galit Giat and the ensemble of Oum Kalthoum sensitively and impeccably evoke the story behind the great voice that escorted and followed history...
(‘Habama’ 21/9/2014)

“A fascinating hour and a half…impressive acting by all the participants.... The Jaffa Theatre continues to successfully make Arab culture accessible in our culture... Go see this show, and keep your eyes and ears wide open—it is worthwhile and deserving...” (‘Ha'aretz’ 18/9/2014,)

‘Oum Kalthoum – A Musical Theatre’ komt naar Amsterdam! Met deze alom geroemde productie komt Het Arab Hebrew Theatre Centre in Jaffa - een unieke theatrale samenwerking tussen Arabieren en Joden in Israël – op uitnodiging van De Balie en KUNSTENISRAËL op 7 & 8 juli naar De Balie.

Het theaterstuk vertelt het levensverhaal van de legendarische Egyptische diva Oum Kalthoum. Hoewel ze in 1975 al overleed, is ze nog steeds “De ster van het Oosten” die de harten van Egyptenaren en het Midden Oosten blijft veroveren. Dit biografische theaterstuk vertelt over de wanhopige liefde tussen Oum Kalthoum en de dichter Ahmad Rami en gaat over Oum’s rivaliteit met Abed el Wahab. Hun liedjes, centraal in dit verhaal, worden gezongen gedurende de voorstelling.

De voorstelling heeft zowel Arabische en Hebreeuwse dialogen en heeft Engelse boventiteling. Na afloop van de voorstelling vindt een Q&A met de acteurs en regisseur plaatsover het werk van Jaffa Theatre en hun missie om culturele verschillen tussen de Arabische en Hebreeuwse cultuur in Israel te overbruggen.

Het Jaffa Theatre – The Arab Hebrew Theatre Centre – is een uniek theater om zijn unieke sociale en politieke missie. Voor het Arabische-Hebreeuwse theater is multicultureel niet slechts een theorie, maar een doel. In een stad waar Arabieren en Joden samenleven, stimuleert het theater kennisdeling en begripsuitwisseling tussen de twee culturen. Niet alleen middels theaterstukken, maar ook door samen te werken met vele etnische gemeenschappen in Jaffa en Israël; en vooral door een theatrale structuur te bieden voor interactie tussen Arabieren en Joden.

Zaterdag 7 juli, 20:00 uur – met Q&A afterwards
Zondag 8 juli, 14:00 uur – met Q&A afterwards

Na de Q&A op zaterdag is er een afterparty in de foyer!

Dit programma is in samenwerking met KUNSTENISRAËL met een bijdrage van het Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds