• Masterclass with Barbara Ehrenreich
Podium / vr 23 nov / 12:00

Masterclass with Barbara Ehrenreich

On Friday November 23rd the Erasmus Prize Foundation and De Balie organise a one-day festival on investigative journalism in honour of Erasmus Prize winner 2018 Barbara Ehrenreich. On November 27th, journalist and writer Barbara Ehrenreich (1941) will receive the Erasmus Prize at the Royal Palace in Amsterdam. The theme of this year’s Erasmus Prize is ‘The Power of Investigative Journalism’. Barbara Ehrenreich is commended for her courage in putting herself on the line in her journalistic work. By leading the life of people in precarious situations, she gives a voice to groups in society that would otherwise remain unheard, and she lets us see life as people on the underside of society live it.

This Masterclass is especially aimed at (beginning) investigative journalists. Barbara Ehrenreich was one of the first journalists who practiced ‘immersive’ journalism. For her book Nickel & Dimed she spent months trying to survive on her earnings from what society calls ‘unskilled work’.

Investigative journalist James Bloodworth will also share his experiences in this masterclass. He wrote the book Hired, for which he went undercover for six months working minimum wages in Britain. During that period Bloodworth took on many jobs, such as at an Amazon distribution centre, where all employees work on flexible contracts which they don’t get to see themselves, which means they don't know their terms of employment.

Barbara Ehrenreich and James Bloodworth will share their experiences and tactics on ‘immersive journalism’.

Mirjam Prenger is media researcher and programme director of the MA Journalism and Media at the University of Amsterdam and will lead the conversation.

This masterclass is a closed event, which includes lunch.

This event is a part of The Investigative Journalism Festival honouring the work of Erasmus Prize winner of 2018 Barbara Ehrenreich. For all the information you can click here.