• ADE Guesthouse: House of China
Podium / 17 okt 2018 / 12:00

ADE Guesthouse: House of China

Amsterdam Dance Event

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Three leading companies from the Chinese dance music industry will gather during this year's Amsterdam Dance Event for House of China. House of China offers a new platform launched in cooperation with ADE to discuss current developments, challenges and opportunities in China's electronic music industry. The event is set up to connect the Chinese and international dance music markets and is presented in the Dutch capital by: BrotherHood Music, CMCM and Mai Ai. House of China will be the only official China conference event during ADE.

ADE Guest House
Dance music culture never stops expanding worldwide, and so ADE's coverage of global scenes continues to expand too. As part of the ADE Pro program this year, our latest addition - The Guesthouse - will be taken over by delegations from China and South Korea on ADE Wednesday and Thursday.

Throughout the day there will be keynote speeches, panels and exhibitions, but more than anything, the central focus is face-to-face time and getting to know the individuals involved. ADE delegates who stop by to visit on these two days won't just find themselves better informed about the territories; they'll come out with a real understanding of music and business cultures, ready to do business in that region.

Catching The Korean Wave
On Thursday, ADE Guest House will focus on South Korea during their mid-day program from 12 PM until 5 PM. BEPC Tangent Creative, Korea's leading music festival and events company, will host the program and invites many key players from all corners of the industry to introduce the Korean market and the key to its success in the business.

Tickets and more info
This event is accessible with the ADE Pass and ADE Conference Pass. Both are available here.