• Shortcutz - Best film of 2016
Cinema / 18 dec 2016 / 17:00

Shortcutz - Best film of 2016

Shortcutz Audience Award
Regisseur: divers / Speeltijd: 90 min / Land: divers / Ondertitels: English

Which short movie from the new Dutch film talent is the country's favourite? It's all up to you. We will ask you which movie is your favourite between the nominees for Best Film of Year. These 7 films were selected by Shortcutz Amsterdam's jury team.

JIMMY ON THE RUN (directed by Wytse Koetse)

A 7-minute portrait of natural born fashion and street photographer 'Jimmy on the Run'. Coming from rural China, he now roams the streets of Amsterdam always chasing the next best picture. This short film shows Jimmy’s passion for the lens, his dynamic lifestyle and his struggle with family expectations. 

“You can't help yourself falling in love with Jimmy. You feel his passion pouring off the and his desire to connect with his father is heartbreaking.” Street Artist Laser 3.14

BINGO! (directed by Patrick Schoenmaker)

The seclusive retirement home Afterglow is a depressing end station. Fortunately, feisty elderly Gerda has one spark of joy: the weekly Bingo night. When she is one blank short of winning the game and the tiny ball suddenly disappears, she starts an absurd search in which she is willing to go to extreme lengths in order to get the outcome of that night's bingo game. 

"One hell of a sick, little, perfectly executed animated short.” producer Jan Doense aka Mr Horror

PLATFORM 13 (directed by Camiel Zwart)

Platform 13 tells the tragicomic story of a Japanese railway conductor. With his equally strong and graceful movements he keeps the biggest crowds under control. But then he ends up in his biggest nightmare: a strange new world, in which he and his signals prove unnecessary.

“Excellent pantomime, well produced and directed, good choreography; the melancholy of this sad person, who’s dream is overshadowed by his nightmares, is very moving. Very good ending.” Producer Jan Harlan (The Shining, Full Metal Jacket

TICKING AWAY (directed by Michael Sewnarain)

A solitary watchmaker seeks consolation and meaning in his daily routine. Then, one evening, he is offered a very eccentric watch to repair... 

"My absolute favorite for this month. Wonderful, touching story and beautifully animated. I watched it several times." documentary producer Harmen Jalvingh (Bloody Mondays & Strawberry Pies, Becoming Zlatan)

EXIST (directed by Klaas Arie Westland)

Ahmad is a refugee from Syria, just arrived in the Netherlands. Exist follows him taking a first walk in a new town, in a new world.

"Stemmig gefilmd. Indringend. Belangrijk verhaal." director Eddy Terstall (Simon, Meet me in Venice

NYMPHET (directed by Laura Hermanides)

A twelve year old girl plays a dangerous game with unforeseeable consequences.

"Because of it’s subcutaneous tension, young talented Alix Jana Cale, choices director Laura Hermanides and scriptwriter Shauni De Gussem made considering don’t tell but show." Claire van Daal programmer at Nederlands Film Festival

BEAUTIFUL WOMAN (directed by Diëgo Nurse)

A poetic portrait of the moment that Beyong, a 30-year old transgender who was taught to suppress her true self growing up, gives in to her subconsciousness and starts her transformation into the woman she is today.

"Moving life story, intriguing animation." actress Ariane Schluter (Lucia de B, Ober)


The Jury was composed of: actor Rutger Hauer (Blade Runner); executive producer Jan Harlan (The Shining); actor Tygo Gernandt (Van God Los); director Roel Reiné (Michiel de Ruyter); actress Ariane Schluter (Lucia de B.); director Eddy Terstall (Simon); producer Jeroen Koolbergen (Snapshots), producer Jan Doense aka Mr. Horror, actor Vincent van Ommen, producer Harmen Jalvingh (Becoming Zlatan), Nederlands Film Festival programmer Claire van Daal, EYE senior programmer and head of acquisitions René Wolf, and street-artist Laser 3.14.