• Forum film: The Bastard
Cinema / 1 jun 2018 / 16:30

Forum film: The Bastard

Regisseur: Floris-Jan van Luyn / Land: Nederland

The complex histories of Europe’s colonial and post-colonial enterprises resurface in this poignant, layered story about fathers and sons. A Frysian bicycle mechanic receives an urgent phone call from the African continent, when an Ethiopian on death row claims to be his brother.

As a child, Ethiopian Daniël Hoek was abandoned by his Dutch father Joop Hoek. Because of his mixed background, Daniël was subjected to an endless stream of aggressions and rejection. He ended up living on the streets and got involved in crime. For years Daniël struggled with his identity, the absence of his father and the question how different his life would have been if his father in The Netherlands had raised him. On the other end of the story we find Joop Hoek at an Afrikaner elderly home in South Africa, still refusing any connection to Daniël. However, Joop had a similar experience with his father, who refused to legally recognize him as his son after World War II, much to Joop’s dismay.

The Bastard intertwines the stories of the adult child and the elderly father, the colonial history of the Dutch Indies with Ethiopia in the seventies, and contemporary South Africa with The Netherlands. At the Movies that Matter Film Festival 2018 The Basterd won the Golden Butterfly for best Dutch human rights film. After the screening there will be a talk with film director Floris-Jan van Luyn. More names to be announced.