• Forum film: Sonsbeek Beyond the Boundaries
Cinema / 2 jun 2018 / 15:00

Forum film: Sonsbeek Beyond the Boundaries

Regisseur: Jef Cornelis / Speeltijd: 46 min / Land: België / Ondertitels: Engels

In 1971 the provincial town of Arnhem organized the 6th Sonsbeek park exhibition. Curator Wim Beerens ambition was to put Sonsbeek ’71 on the map with an exhibition with international allure. Belgian documentary filmmaker Jef Cornelis documents the artistic and public debate surrounding this exhibition.

The ’71 edition was subtitled Sonsbeek Beyond the Boundaries and for the first time moved outside of the confines of the city park in Arnhem. It was presented as a radical move: the whole of The Netherlands was seen as an exhibition space and internationally renowned artists created artworks specifically for the exhibition. Cornelis observed different stakeholders at the event. Besides artists such as Daniel Buren, Robert Smithson, and Panamarenko he interviews curators, politicians and local artists. The film questions the idea of locality in an increasingly globalized art world and the enormous budgets being spent on large international exhibitions. Jef Cornelis’ film is a humorous portrait of the modern art world in the seventies and brings to life discussions that are eerily recognizable in the 21st century.

In this program, we will discuss the globalization of the European art world through large-scale exhibitions such as Sonsbeek ’71, or the Biannual of Venice and the Documenta exhibitions. With a panel of experts we ask how these huge exhibitions have influenced the cultural capital of Europe.